The Mandala Principle with Chöden (Sean McGovern) 20.5. – 25.5.2019; 5 days Course language: English, Translation to: Deutsch

The Mandala Principle with Chöden (Sean McGovern)

Monday 20. May 2019, 6 pm – Saturday 25. May 2019, pm; 5 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch

In this retreat practical exercises are given on mindfulness, self-compassion and insight, which form the basis for our compassionate self, a core of Compassion Focussed Therapy, to inhabit and to find the center of our personal mandala. We explore how mindfulness and compassion relate to our inner world and compassion to change our way of life. Through this we learn to hold and transform our own struggles and conflicts with compassion and wisdom. This, in turn, strengthens us, the difficulties of others to be able to hold. We are getting more and more into the center of our personal mandala. The principle of the Mandala is derived from Tantric Buddhism and is a model with which we can get along in our inner world.

When we set up in the center, we find a place of peace and quiet integration and we begin to appreciate the preciousness and richness of our various shares recognize.

Finally, to experience this deeply connects us to the insight of the interconnectedness of all being (interbeing: Thich Nhat Hanh). We also see that when we connect with wisdom and compassion at the center of our being, that part of us has never been damaged – it has always been whole and perfect, despite all the injuries and traumas we have suffered in our lives.

Part of the retreat will be in silence.

Course costs: 600 CHF

Food & Lodging: 390 to 605 CHF (1-6 bed rooms for 5 nights – will be charged directly on the spot)


Discover the secrets of Lu Jong – Tibetan Yoga with Inma Vicente 10.5. – 12.5.2019

Discover the secrets of Lu Jong – Tibetan Yoga with Inma Vicente

Friday 10. May 2019, 6 pm – Sunday 12. May 2019, pm; 2 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch

Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga is a simple and very effective way to connect with the power, clarity and happiness of our true nature. Balance and healing through a meditative practice that brings attention, happiness and much tenderness. Lu Jong is love in motion, healing in action. It is a compilation of yogas from the ancient Tibetan traditions of Tantric Buddhism and Bon. For more than 15 years, Tulku Lobsang has been sharing his deep knowledge of these techniques in the West, integrating them and adapting them to current needs and thoughts.

Inma Vicente

Lu Jong’s purpose is to open the chakras and channels of the body both physically and on a more subtle or energetic level, which is essential for a healthy body and a calm, wise and compassionate state of mind. It is a practice that brings body, breath and mind into harmony and thus benefits meditative practice and supports a longer, happier and healthier life. Lu Jong compensates for the lack of physical movement in our current lifestyle, which causes the most common disorders such as back problems, stress and emotional imbalance.

The course is intended for beginners.

Lu Jong teachers and trainers can attend these courses to improve or deepen their personal and professional practice and knowledge.

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