Ven. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

TONGLEN – the practice of Buddha Avalokiteshvara with 1000 arms

Friday 13. March 2020, 18:00 Uhr – Sunday 22. March 2020, 14:00 Uhr; 9 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch

On Friday and Saturday the Venerable Lodrö Rinpoche gives the grand empowerment of the 1000 armed Buddha Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Great Compassion (Kryiayoga).

From Sunday, Rinpoche will give a daily commentary and introduction to the practice of the Buddha Avalokiteshvara with 1,000 arms from 9:30 to 11:30 am – with the additional focus on tonglen – the altruistic exchange with oneself and other living beings.

The group will learn and practice the sadhana (practice instructions) with meditation / visualization / mantra recitation of the practice of the 1000 armed Avalokithesvara in meditation sessions before breakfast, in the afternoon and in the evening, with the intention that every participant after the week in the is able to practice independently. There should also be enough time – to reflect and pause individually in silence.

We conclude the retreat with a fire puja (traditional closing ritual).

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