His Holiness the Dalai Lama recommends all Buddhists to practice Tara – wherever they have the opportunity.

20. Tara, inhabitant of the mountains (Drolma Ritröma; Skt. Tārā Śabarī) to protect against epidemics.

Venerable Lama Lodrö Rinpoche recommends meditating on the practice of the bright, orange 20th Tara and reciting mantras in order to be able to connect with the energy, and in prayer to send and touch all sentient beings with orange Tara light. This Tara Sabari from the 21st Taras specializes in the circumstances of epidemics. It belongs to the Kryia Yoga and can also be practiced by those who have not received an empowerment by a lama.

Attached you will find a Sadhana of the orange 20th Tara from Master Atisha. These 21 different sadhanas / visualization instructions were translated directly from Tibetan by Lodrö Rinpoche over 20 years ago and compiled by Rachel Wooten.

The Tara Sabari Mantra according to Master Atisha is: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SARVA VIDYA DHI ZORA PRASHA MANAYE SOHA

OM May your body, speech and mind bless and protect my three gates
TARE Liberator
TUTTARE Liberator from spiritual poverty or unenlightened awareness
TURE Fast liberator
VIDYA DHI Epidemics
ZORA General
PRASHA Perfect
MANAYE Destroy
SOHA His blessing should remain

In February 2020, Venerable Lodrö Rinpoche performed a special ritual for epidemics in his home in Erlenbach. Rinpoche greets everyone warmly and asks us to practice Tara prayers together, thinking about the suffering of people and the problems that follow, with the wish that they can be soothed.