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Ganden Chökhor is a Chod and Meditation Centre for the promotion of Tibetan Buddhist culture in the Swiss Alps. Our centre conforms to the recommendations of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and as a place of retreat is open to all traditions of Buddhism and all interested parties. We organize courses and events on various topics for beginners and advanced students.

We are fortunate to welcome top-class lecturers from all over the world who work together with our course participants at the interface between Eastern and Western culture. Besides classical Buddhist topics such as Lam Rim, Philosophy and Vajrayana, there is a special focus on Chod Meditation. Lama Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche, the spiritual director of the center, holds all major transmission lines of this practice.

With various yoga, philosophy and meditation courses, there is also a wide range of secular courses for those interested in every belief tradition.

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Ganden Chökhor is an association, our work is largely voluntary. We are therefore dependent on donors and active members of the association to help make Ganden Chökhor possible. Support us today:

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Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

The rinpoche form Eastern Tibet Lodrö Tulku Lobsang Champa Khedup Namgyal Rinpoche was born in 1942 in Eastern Tibet and was confirmed as Tulku at the age of three. He is the fifth Tulku of a line of masters, who dedicated themselves above all to the study and practice of … Read more

Chöd – cutting off the concepts

Chöd is a living Buddhist heritage. The practice was founded almost a thousand years ago in ancient Tibet on the basis of Buddhist teachings, but it is still valid today. Machig Labdrön Machig Labdrön was born in Tibet in the 11th century of our era. She was an exceptionally gifted … Read more

The House

Waldhotel Pradaschier The Waldhotel Pradaschier can look back on an eventful history of more than 100 years. Built around 1900 as a health resort, it served during the Second World War as a military accommodation and as a children’s home, followed by a holiday camp. In the 1990s, it was … Read more

Introductory courses

Our course program offers various approaches to the different subject areas of Buddhist teaching, as well as courses on various non-Buddhist topics. The following events are suitable for those interested in an introduction to the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy, meditation and wisdom of life.


Dharma shop at Ganden Chökhor Welcome in our dharma shop! The shop is available for the guests of the centre and can visited during our courses. Books and recordings We sell Tibetan Buddhist writings as well as audio and video recordings of Lama Lodrö Rinpoche published in German by Bhikshu … Read more

Bhikshu Mati Foundation

In order to preserve as a unit the Tibetan-Buddhist cultural heritage collected by Venerable Lama Lodrö Rinpoche in the form of texts, religious objects, Thankas, etc., a foundation was established under the supervision of the federal authorities. The purpose of the foundation is to act as a vessel for these … Read more

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Lucina Lanfranchi, Arno Munen Arquint

Meditation Weekend in Churwalden/Pradaschier

1. March, 18:00 - 3. March, 14:00

With different forms of meditation like sitting, walking, eating and working meditation as well as yoga we practice being aware and mindful. Take a break in the Grisons mountains and come into contact with yourself with the help of various forms of meditation and yoga, listen inside and centre yourself. With guided and silent meditations ... Read more

Ehrw. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

Great Mandala of Medicine Buddha with 51 companions

9. March, 11:30 - 21. March, 14:00

The practice of the great Medicine Buddha Mandala is an extensive practice which gives us a deep insight into the world of the lapis lazuli blue healer with his 51 companions. Venerable Lodrö Rinpoche will explain the practice of the Medicine Buddha during 6 days after the practice authorization with the appropriate commentary. At the ... Read more

Ehrw. Lama Künsang

Introduction to the life of the Tibetan holy Jetsün Milarepa

5. April, 18:00 - 7. April, 14:00

Milarepa (1052-1135) has become known as one of the greatest yogis of Tibet. Jetsün Milarepa reached enlightenment in one life. His life story and the "Hundred Thousand Songs" are highlights of Tibetan literature and spiritual thought and are an essential inspiration for practitioners. The Venerable Lama Kunsang will teach us the Milarepa practice, which we ... Read more

Nicole Spencer & Michel Manser

Relax & Restore Yoga Retreat (Hata Yoga, Yin Yoga)

19. April, 18:00 - 22. April, 14:00

Easter 2019 - Yogaherz Weekend Yoga Retreat; Restore & Rejuvenate Come spend a very special long weekend with us and discover how powerful a short break in the mountains can be.  A weekend with yoga, meditation, hiking, vegetarian food, relaxation, fresh air and nature will nourish your body, mind and spirit.  You will also learn ... Read more

Ven. Chamtrul Rinpoche

Dream Yoga

22. April, 18:00 - 25. April, 14:00

The course is about experiencing what dream is and how we can transform our dreams. Chamtrul Rinpoche will explain how we can learn to control our dreams and use them as a path. He will also discuss the dream state - as one of the 6 states of consciousness. Rinpoche teaches in a clear and ... Read more

H.E. der 11. Lelung Rinpoche

Dependent arising

1. May, 18:00 - 5. May, 14:00

It is an extraordinary honour and joy for us to welcome the 11th Lelung Rinpoche to Ganden Chökhor. The long line goes back 690 years. The earlier incarnations of Lelung Rinpoche, also known as Jedrung Tulkus, played an important role in the history of Tibet and especially in the development of Buddhism. The Jedrung Tulkus ... Read more

Inma Vicente

Discover the secrets of Lu Jong – Tibetan Yoga

10. May, 18:00 - 12. May, 14:00

Inma initiates a teaching cycle (in English) on Tibetan methods. Bliss revealing jewels from the Lu Jong 1: 5 elements, 5 body parts, associated massage and meditation, additional exercises make the prelude. Regardless of our faith or physical condition, anyone can benefit from Lu Jong. The course is intended for beginners. Lu Jong teachers and ... Read more

Chöden (Sean McGovern)

Mindful compassion

20. May, 18:00 - 25. May, 14:00

Meditations led by Chöden, with emphasis on meditation on compassion; Explanation of backgrounds of various traditional meditations and their embedding in the CFT; Applications of meditations in clinical everyday life; Development and support of one's own meditation practice; basics for the Buddhist understanding of compassion; pointing out the differences to other mindfulness meditations.

S.E. Loden Sherab Dagyab Kyabgön Rinpoche

Ascent course Vajrayana

29. May, 18:00 - 2. June, 14:00

With great joy and gratitude we await the extraordinary visit of His Eminence Dagyab Kyabgön Rinpoche, one of the highest Tibetan Buddhist dignitaries in Europe. His Eminence Kyabgön Dagyab Rinpoche will give us this year the continuation and the second part of the rare Bari Lotsawa collection with a total of about 78 shorter empowerments. ... Read more

Ehrw. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

Schiwa Lamsab Chod Retreat

14. June, 18:00 - 23. June, 14:00

"Heaven opening initiation" of the Chod practice according to the Schiwa Lamsab tradition The tradition of Schiwa Lamsab/Oral Tradition of Dakini dates back to the 13th century and to Master Jamyang Gonpo, a disciple of Machig Labdrön's son Gyälwa Thondrup. Jamyang Gonpo himself has seen Machig Labdrön in visions several times. This lineage became a ... Read more

Lama Rigzin Drolma / Anne C. Klein Ph.D

Wisdom Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal

16. July, 18:00 - 21. July, 14:00

Heart Essence Dzogchen Teachings (DZOGCHEN NYINGTHIG) Continuation/Deepening Treasure Texts unveiled by Adzom Paylo Rinpoche YESHE TSOGYAL A Basic Practice of Wisdom Dakini Just recently revealed (Beginners are welcome) Wisdom is the essence of Dakini. Each line of this practice opens a facet of the jewel of their presence. This practice is complete and simple, it ... Read more

Sabine Kalff Hayoz

The Mandala of the five Dakinis according to Lama Tsültrim Allione

7. August, 18:00 - 11. August, 14:00

The course introduces the Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice "The Mandala of the Five Dakinis" according to Lama Tsültrim Allione, with the recited and guided version, and conveys the meaning of the Dakini from a female perspective. Deepening the practice of the five dakinis. The course takes place in a relaxed silence with exchange and playful ... Read more

Ehrw. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

Tsogle Chod Retreat

30. August, 18:00 - 8. September, 14:00

For the second time Lodrö Rinpoche explains the Tsogle practice in a Chöd retreat. The current Lodrö Rinpoche (6th Tulku) will comment more deeply on the text of his predecessor Lodrö Jampa Temple, the 3rd Lodrö Tulku from the 19th century. It is a shorter practice version - which lasts about 1.5 - 2 hours ... Read more

Ehrw. Tulku Jigme Trinley Rinpoche

Liberation of the four attachments

13. September, 18:00 - 15. September, 14:00

Liberation from the four attachments A short instruction that Mañjuśrī gave to the Sakya patriarch things Kunga Nyingpo When he was twelve years old, the great thing Kunga Nyingpo devoted six months to a practice of the Bodhisattva Mañjuśrī. One day he had a vision in which he actually saw the holy Lord Mañjuśrī, orange ... Read more

Ehrw. Kenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche

Unterstandig and experiencing emptiness

26. September, 18:00 - 29. September, 14:00

The wish-fulfilling jewel of the noble teachings of Master Gampopa The Jewel of Liberation is a Lamrim text for gradually perfecting the entire path to enlightenment. The author is the great Gampopa (1079-1153), disciple of Milarepa and founder of the Kagyü schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The jewelery of liberation fuses the basic teachings of the ... Read more

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Medicine Buddha Retreat 9.3. – 21.3.2019

By ruthflaviu | 4. January 2019

Medicine Buddha Retreat with Ven. Lama Lodrö Rinpoche Saturday 9. march 2019, 11:30 am – Thursday 21. march 2019, 2 pm ; 12 daysLanguage: English , with German translation The practice of the great Medicine Buddha mandala is an extensive practice that gives us a deep insight into the world of the Lapis Lazuli healer … Read more

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year 2019

By ruthflaviu | 22. December 2018

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year 2019 We send you warm greetings from the snowy Grisons mountains and wish you a peaceful year’s end. Happy holidays in the company of your loved ones and a good start into a blessed New Year. Thank you for your visit and your active support in Ganden Chökhor … Read more

TSULTRIM ALLIONE – Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine 15.11. – 18.11.2018

By ruthflaviu | 2. November 2018

TSULTRIM ALLIONE Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine Thursday, November 15, 2018, 6:00 pm – Sunday, November 18, 2018, 2:00 pm; 3 days Course language: English, Translation: German   In this retreat we delve into the five Dakini families and the transformation of the five emotions into the five wisdoms. This … Read more

SCHIWA LAMSAB NIGHT RETREAT – Ven. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche 3.11. – 11.11.2018

By ruthflaviu | 19. August 2018

SCHIWA LAMSAB NIGHT RETREAT VEN. LODRÖ TULKU RINPOCHE Saturday 3. November 2018, 12:00 Uhr – Sunday 11. November 2018, 14:00 Uhr; 8 days Course language: German , Translation to: English During seven nights the group intensively practices the long Schiwa-Lamsab Chöd practice in four sessions. In the in-between sessions the participants practice the saddhana of … Read more


By ruthflaviu | 12. August 2018

INITIATION INTO THE GREAT PRAJNAPARAMITA MANDALA WITH 59 DEITIES AND WE WILL CELEBRATE RINPOCHE´S BIRTHDAY VEN. LODRÖ TULKU RINPOCHE Friday 26. October – Sunday 28. October 2018; 2 days Rinpoche will teach in german, with english translation The golden mother Prajanaparamita embodies the entire teaching and wisdom of Buddha. The essence of the perfection of … Read more

MINDFULNESS AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING – Ven Tulku Jigme Trinley Rinpoche 14.9. – 16.9.2018

By ruthflaviu | 1. August 2018

MINDFULNESS AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING Ven. Tulku Jigme Trinley Rinpoche Friday 14. September 2018, 18:00 Uhr – Sunday 16. September 2018, 14:00 Uhr; 2 days Course language: English , Translation to: German Basically, we all want to be happy; fundamentally, we have the ability to love and be loved unconditionally. We also seek greater intelligence and … Read more

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