Bhikshu Mati Foundation

In order to preserve as a unit the Tibetan-Buddhist cultural heritage collected by Venerable Lama Lodrö Rinpoche in the form of texts, religious objects, Thankas, etc., a foundation was established under the supervision of the federal authorities.

The purpose of the foundation is to act as a vessel for these precious treasures and to promote and preserve the life’s work of Rinpoche. The books as well as images and sound recordings for the many lectures given by Lodrö Rinpoche are produced and distributed on behalf of the Bhikshu Mati Foundation.

The Bhikshu Mati Foundation holds the house in Churwalden through a real estate company, which is rented to the association Ganden Chökhor. Larger donations and possible profits go to the Bhikshu Mati Foundation, which has the task of securing the operation of the center in the long term. It will also enable the expansion of the large collection of texts, the translation of texts from Tibetan into German and English, and the establishment of a documentation centre with an associated library.

Bikshu Mati is Sanskrit and is part of the name of Lodrö Rinpoche, it means about: Lama Lodrö