Ganden Team

Natascha Keller Gassmann
President of the Ganden Chökhor Association

Christine Gasser
Lead of the house team / Shop

Lucina Lanfranci
House Team


If there is a current need in Ganden Chökhor and if you have the appropriate skills, it may be possible to work as a volunteer in the house. Applications should be addressed to the house management.


After consultation with Lodrö Rinpoche and the house management, ordained persons can live in the house as short or long-term residents. They take part in the daily monastic programme. They also help in the house and help organise courses, take on temple work, torma making etc. They can organise individual retreats, translate texts or devote themselves to their studies in other ways. We are happy to provide individual counselling and find solutions together.

Support for nuns and monks:
Ordained persons pay reduced prices for permanent accommodation. We have set up a nun/monk fund to subsidise the stay of ordained practitioners. Supporting this fund is a good opportunity for all practitioners to support others in practising the Dharma. It is also possible for financially independent monastics to support other nuns and monks. In general, ordained persons without means find their own personal sponsors who pay for all or part of their living expenses.

Nun support programme:
This special support programme for nuns, set up by Natascha Keller Gassmann, has existed at the Samdup Dölma Ling centre since 2005, enabling nuns to earn a minimal living by translating and editing texts in collaboration with Venerable Lodrö Rinpoche, without being forced to pursue their original gainful employment.


The Ganden Chökhor Centre is available to external groups and organisations for conferences, seminars, retreats and workshops.
Dharma practitioners:
Dharma practitioners have the opportunity to hold shorter or longer individual retreats at Ganden Chökhor Centre. Nuns or long-time practitioners of the house community can provide retreat guidance and assistance if required. Persons who wish to stay longer in the house should discuss the details with Lodrö Rinpoche and the house management beforehand.For further information on room reservations, individual retreats, family holidays, ordering prayers and rituals, please contact the house management team.

House management Ganden Chökhor
Telefon +41 76 533 53 57