We need your help

We need your help

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken by the Swiss Government, our revenues have collapsed dramatically, while many of the fixed costs remain more or less at the normal level. Despite rigorous cost-cutting measures, our budget gap is getting bigger every day and cannot be made good by our organisation alone.

Our urgent appeal to all of you: Please support us now with a generous donation and use our online services! With your support we will be able to master these difficult times and secure the future of Ganden Chökhor.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you!

President of the Ganden Chökhor Association

Further information on the current financial situation

You can donate directly by credit card, or PayPal. (Postcard, Twint will follow)

Bank transfer

IBAN: CH78 0070 0110 0036 6929 9, Re: Donation Corona
Ganden Chökhor, Pradaschier 20, 7075 Churwalden,
Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8010 Zürich, Schweiz, Konto 80-151-4

If you would like to be a patron and donate an amount of CHF 3’000 or more, do not hesitate to contact Natascha Keller Gassmann, the president of our association by e-mail.

Video message from Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

Further ways to support us

Become a member of the association

The Ganden Chökhor Association runs the Ganden Chökhor Centre under the spiritual guidance of Lama Lodrö Rinpoche. The more contributing members we are, the better we can plan and prepare for the unforeseen.
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Take an online course now

We are continuously expanding our online course offerings, so that even in times of “social distancing” you can access the Buddhist teachings and follow the instructions of Venerable Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche via live stream.
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Sign up for our autumn events

This gives us more planning security with a view to the second half of the year, by when the situation will hopefully have stabilised itself. If the courses cannot be held in the normal way – attendance in person at the centre -, we will inform you in good time and offer you online participation.
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Help raise awareness of friends and acquaintances

Make people in your environment aware of our centre and our course program and recommend us to others.
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Book the Waldhotel Pradaschier

Our beautiful fin-de-siècle hotel in the Swiss mountains can also be booked for private events such as family gatherings, weddings, company retreats or seminars. It offers various breakout rooms and overnight accommodation for 50 to 60 people. Half or full board is available on request and we are happy to cater for your specific dietary needs.
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You can donate directly by credit card, Postcard, Twint or PayPal.

On the current financial situation of Ganden Chökhor

The coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken by the Swiss government to combat the crisis have hit us very hard. We essentially no longer have any income and still have to pay for many of the fixed costs.

As a cultural non-profit organisation, we do not receive any financial support from the government. But because the Waldhotel Pradaschier can also be used for private group tourism, at least we were able to register three to four employees for short-time work compensation. This reduces the fixed costs during the approved three-month period for short-time work by several thousand francs. Nevertheless, we are still short of between 12,000 and 15,000 francs every month during this period. After the expiration of short-time work compensation, the monthly deficit will be well above CHF 20,000. Neither our association nor our regular sponsors can shoulder this financial burden alone.

It is currently unclear when the restrictions in the hospitality and event sectors will be relaxed. And we also do not know how quickly operations will return to "normal". It is quite conceivable. that numerous people will change their social and travel behaviour in the longer term, due to the pandemic experienced.

We are not afraid of change and will master the new challenges - we are taking a first step to address the situation with our attractive online course program we have now set up on short notice. But the necessary adjustments will take time and resources. A huge mountain of debt would make investments impossible and block our path to the future. Instead of being able to master the altered situation with new ideas, we would have to reduce operations to an extent that would be painful for everyone. We hope for the support of our guests, acquaintances and friends in order to avoid this and to jointly secure the future of Ganden Chökhor!