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Ehrw. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

2. Chod Monlam in Ganden Chökhor – postponed to 2021

Friday 28. August 2020, 18:00 Uhr - Sunday 6. September 2020, 14:00 Uhr; 9 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch

Chöd – Tschö – separation of negativity

Mönlam – a feast of prayers

The focus is on the profound Chöd practice with its altruistic and healing prayers and the desire to bring out the best for the benefit of all living beings and to remember the wisdom of charity – the foundation of all good human qualities.

Our Venerable Lodro Tulku Rinpoche lives in Switzerland for exactly 50 years in 2017. During this time, he has done much for his Tibetan compatriots as well as Westerners interested in Buddhism. In the Tulku line of the Lodros, all six Tulkus were masters of the Chöd tradition. Today’s Lodrö Rinpoche is rarer holder of all four lines of Chöd, which are practiced at the Gelugpas, as well as holder of Tsogle Chöd, which is mostly distributed among the Kagyüs and Nyingmapas.

The Chöd monlam, as practiced at the Gelugpas with His Holiness Khalkha Jetsün Dampa Rinpoche in Mongolia, he wants to bring in the original sense in the West. Intensive meditation and recitation prayers are held daily for nine days, to which Chöd practitioners and listeners are welcome. Individual lectures will be open to all. Special guests from Mongolia, Nepal and Switzerland will also receive invitations to attend the 2nd Gelugpa Chöd Mönlam.

In the foreground are the Gyälthang tradition in particular this time. Venerable Lodrö Rinpoche will issue the appropriate authorization specifically. In addition, the lines Wensapa, Schiwa Lamsab, as well as the Tsogle Chöd tradition will be offered. Practices and prayers of the female Buddhas: Prajnaparamita, Arya Tara, Vajrayogini and Tröma Nagmo are also recited.

With much interest we will hold the event outdoors in a tent in the immediate vicinity of Ganden Chökhor, otherwise it will take place in the large meditation room of the center. For active practitioners, a transfer and introduction to Chöd practice by a qualified teacher is required.

The prayers are dedicated to world peace, including individual sick and people in difficult situations, individuals, families, etc. The names are accepted in the traditional Buddhist context until 1 week before the beginning of the monk in Ganden Chökhor. They are read out and dedicated daily before the prayers. (More information will follow)

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2. Chod Monlam in Ganden Chökhor – postponed to 2021

2. Chod Monlam in Ganden Chökhor – postponed to 2021
With Ehrw. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche
August 28. 2020 - September 06. 2020
9 Days

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28. August, 18:00
6. September, 14:00


Ganden Chökhor
Pradaschier 20
Churwalden, 7075 Schweiz
+41 76 533 53 57