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Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

Big one month chod retreat

Saturday 26. August 2023, 11:30 Uhr - Wednesday 20. September 2023, 16:30 Uhr; 25 days
Course language: Deutsch , Translation to: English

Mahamudra Chod

Venerable Lodrö Rinpoche has been speaking of this Mahamudra Chöd retreat for many years. We are happy that
Rinpoche would like to offer it to his students this year. The course can only be attended as a whole.
We hope to announce more information in the coming weeks.


The requirements are:

-Personal Study of Lam Rim, Graded Path to Enlightenment, Shantidevas Introduction to Bodhisattva Life

-Many years of experience with the Chöd practice of Machig Labdrön Rinpoche, empowerments and retreats
from/with Lodrö Rinpoche.
-A full Annutara Yoga retreat/completed with fire puja on the following Buddha realms:
Tronma Nagmo, Vajrayogini, Cittamani Tara, Heruka Chakrasamvara, Vajrasattva Heruka, Yamanthaka, Gujasamaya, ect.

-Chöd initiation/commentary Schiwa Lamsab, additional Chöd Wensa or Chöd Gyalthang tradition with commentary

-Chöd night retreat according to Schiwa Lamsab, at the end empowerment of Tronma Nagmo according to
Schiwa Lamsab tradition

– A stable mental state is required for a successful 25-day retreat with a group

Rinpoche will not give any introductory explanations. He will delve into specific areas of Chöd practice and the
group will need to practice and meditate on the instructions. There should be plenty of time to meditate deeply,
both with the whole group and in smaller groups, and also in the privacy of individuals.
We’ll be outdoors a lot.

Please get in direct contact with Lodrö Rinpoche : dharma@ganden.ch regarding your participation or related questions


I want to register for the following Event:

Big one month chod retreat

Big one month chod retreat
With Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche
August 26. 2023 - September 20. 2023
25 Days

Only entire courses can be booked
Course costs: Dana recommendation per day CHF 30 - 80


Select your prefered room configuration*


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Parking space

There is a limited number of parking spaces in the valley and and at the hotel
No parking space required.
I need a parking space in the valley (CHF 5.00 per day).
I need a parking space near the hotel (CHF 8.00 per day).


1000 CHF
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1000 CHF
500 CHF
200 CHF
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By submitting this registration form, I agree to support the house team about one hour a day by karmayoga practice. I also agree on the GTCs. Karmayoga is a common practice in buddhist centers and offers a good opportunity to commit oneself for the benefit of the practice group and to practice mindfulness in daily activities.

* from January 2019: Prices do not include visitor's tax of CHF 2.50 per person and day
** Room allocation according to registration date and availability


26. August, 11:30
20. September, 16:30
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Ganden Chökhor
Pradaschier 20
Churwalden, 7075 Schweiz
+41 76 533 53 57