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Lodro Tulku Rinpoche

Birthday Weekend course

Friday 28. October 2022, 18:00 Uhr - Sunday 30. October 2022, 14:00 Uhr; 2 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch

Birthday party on Saturday evening

Buddha Avalokiteshvara with two attendants Tara and Ekajati.

This very rare transmission from the Tagphu Collection* will be given by Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche on the occasion of his birthday. Buddha Avalokiteshvara embodies the great all-embracing compassion within us and activates our potential to achieve all altruistic goals in our lives. The awakened abilities of a Buddha are that he/she is able to function without interruption with all-embracing compassion and wisdom.

Buddha Avalokiteshvara is specially supported here by two attendants: the peaceful green Tara and the wrathful, powerful blue Dakini Ekajati.

The possibility of attaining wisdom and the ability to Buddha compassion lies within human potential. It can be nurtured and achieved with such a life practice or meditation.

(This transmission from great compassion – can protect us from future “lower” or so-called “bad” rebirths).

The initiation is suitable for advanced students but also for beginners.


*Master Tagphu was a fully enlightened Tibetan Tara and Avalokithesvara practitioner from the 18th century.

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Birthday Weekend course

Birthday Weekend course
With Lodro Tulku Rinpoche
October 28. 2022 - October 30. 2022
2 Days

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Course costs: Dana recommendation per day CHF 30 - 80


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* from January 2019: Prices do not include visitor's tax of CHF 2.50 per person and day
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28. October, 18:00
30. October, 14:00


Ganden Chökhor
Pradaschier 20
Churwalden, 7075 Schweiz
+41 76 533 53 57