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Ven. Lodro Tulku RInpoche

Tara Cittamani – Introduction in Practice and Meditation – Birthday Lodrö Rinpoche

Friday 23. October 2020, 18:00 Uhr - Saturday 31. October 2020, 14:00 Uhr; 8 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch

Extraordinary instructions to practice the green, female Buddha Tara Cittamani with 21 Taras

The transmission, as well as the instructions of this rare and extraordinary Tara meditation practice comes from the Gelugpa lineage and is based on the verbal instructions of Tara herself to the great master Gargyi Sangpo Taghpu Dorje Chang. Through her profoundity she is a precious jewel for all Tara friends. The 6th Lodrö Rinpoche is closely associated with this line.

Citta (Sanskrit) indicates heart, reason, thought, mind, empirical consciousness, intention

Mani (Sanskrit) means jewel, magnet, pearl, jewel or gemstone

Lodrö Rinpoche already gave a commentary on the practice in 2013 – which is unforgettable. We are very pleased that Rinpoche has agreed to speak again about this particular practice.

(New interested students with questions – please report via dharma@ganden.ch)



Friday evening: Empowerment of Tara Cittamani (Annutarayoga)

Saturday morning and afternoon: empowerment of Tara Cittamani (Annutarayoga)

Saturday evening: birthday party for Lodrö Rinpoche

Sunday morning: Four Tara Mandala Puja (Cittamani) with Lodrö Rinpoche

Monday – Saturday: commentary and introduction to visualization and meditation practice

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Tara Cittamani – Introduction in Practice and Meditation – Birthday Lodrö Rinpoche

Tara Cittamani – Introduction in Practice and Meditation – Birthday Lodrö Rinpoche
With Ven. Lodro Tulku RInpoche
October 23. 2020 - October 31. 2020
8 Days

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23. October, 18:00
31. October, 14:00
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