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Ehrw. Tulku Jigme Thrinley Rinpoche

Wheel of Live – Bhavachakra

Friday 6. October 2023, 18:00 Uhr - Sunday 8. October 2023, 15:00 Uhr; 2 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch
(entry possible)

Tulku Jigme Thrinley Rinpoche guides us through this essential traditional Buddhist presentation, 
which on the one hand describes our current life situation in detail and on the other hand makes the access and 
path to liberation accessible. The retreat is accompanied by Rinpoche's guided meditations.
During this 3-day retreat, Tulku Jigme Thrinley Rinpoche draws our attention to the so-called "Wheel of Life" 
(Skt: bhavachakra). This depiction perfectly illustrates our situation: namely, how the cycle of life that holds 
us in its spell is advanced. We We must investigate whether it is possible to escape this hamster wheel and reach 
a state beyond dissatisfaction and limitations. Such an understanding of the complex workings of the wheel of 
life is essential to even being motivated to engage in spiritual practice!

The key elements of the Wheel of Life are: The outermost segment with the 12 links of dependent arising 
(Sanskrit: pratītya-samutpāda; Pali: paṭicca-samuppāda); then the six segments relating to the six states of 
being (Skt: bhava); followed by the ring showing the upward and downward movements resulting from the actions 
of the body, speech and mind; and finally in the hub the so-called three poisons (Sanskrit: triviṣa), 
which keep this wheel of life turning.

It is only by properly assessing our situation that we can see that - and how - it is actually possible to 
escape from this wheel, to attain total freedom from all unsatisfactory states of mind (duḥkha), to emulate 
the Buddha, and to achieve perfect awakening (bodhi). reach.

In his typically lucid way, Tulku Jigme Thrinley Rinpoche explains the wheel of life to us in an accessible way. 
Whether we are beginner or advanced, we gain momentum in our spiritual practice and daily life.

Course language: English with German translation (simultaneous translation into French if required)
The stated costs relate to accommodation and food in Ganden Chökhor, for the teachings themselves a recommended 
price of CHF 150 is suggested and requested for the entire retreat.

Tulku Jigme Thrinley Rinpoche is a spiritual teacher recognized as the reincarnation of an important Tibetan lama. 
He went through the entire Buddhist training in the traditional way under well-known masters of meditation before 
emigrating to America in 2000. He founded the Palmo Center for Peace and Education in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Tulku Jigme has dealt extensively with the western way of thinking and living. This enables him to draw on the 
full potential of his familiarity with Buddhist philosophy and practice as well as with modern psychological 
approaches. For over 10 years he has taught in Buddhist centers, universities and other public institutions in 
North America, Europe and Asia. Since 2010, Tulku Jigme has been coming to Switzerland once a year, where he 
delights his ever-growing audience.

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Wheel of Live – Bhavachakra

Wheel of Live – Bhavachakra
With Ehrw. Tulku Jigme Thrinley Rinpoche
October 06. 2023 - October 08. 2023
2 Days

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6. October, 18:00
8. October, 15:00
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