Livestream: how does it work?

Livestreaming at Ganden Chökhor

Due to the Corona-Epidemic and as a further possibility for the practice of Tibetan Buddhism we can now offer you a series of lectures by the venerable Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche as video episodes.  

How to participate in a livestream of rinpoches teachings

Step-by-step explanation

If this should find your interest, please register via the Button below. Following registration you should receive an email to confirm your registration. If you should not receive such confirmatory mail, please check your spam filter, as depending on your settings it may have been blocked. If you cannot find your confirmation mail at all,  please do not hesitate to contact us via

The payment can be submitted via using digital payment methods after verification of your registration by our stream support team. If there are any payment related issues or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us via  (we will send you an invoice similar to a regular booking if you do not have a credit card). As soon as the payment or a request email arrives, we will enable you to see the streaming-videos. 

Our streaming service is still under construction. We thus kindly ask for your goodwill and patience if things do not work perfectly from the outset. Many thanks for your support!

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Streaming FAQ

Which data protection regulations apply?
You can find our privacy policy here

My stream does not start or there is a delay
If the stream is delayed or repeats, you should update the browser or press the function key “F5” (Windows PC) or “cmd + r” (Apple). That mostly helps. Refresh page

Is the sound volume to low?
There are 2 sound settings! One from the computer / mobile and one in the streaming window. Both must be switched on at a suitable volume.

Is the picture too blurry?
In the ‘Settings’ of the streaming window (the ‘gear’), the resolution should be optimally set to ‘720p’.

Which internet browser should I use?
A current version of a modern browser is highly recommended. E.g. Google Chrome. There may be problems with older versions of Safari or Internet Explorer.

The stream is suddenly offline or completely interrupted, why is that?
There is rarely a system / network failure in the Dharma center. In this case, it is possible for the transmission to stop. In this situation, the transfer continues to a backup stream. Backup streams can always be found at the bottom of the video list.

What must be considered regarding the downloads?
These materials are intended exclusively for your PERSONAL use.
Do not pass these materials on under any circumstances or share them on any website or forum!