Birthday Weekend – Initiation Bhagavati Kurukulle with 15 Companions

This weekend we celebrate the birthday of Lodrö Rinpoche and on this occasion Rinpoche’s wish is to pass on the Kurukulele practice from the Vajramala collection (total of 45 empowerments). Lodrö Rinpoche received the entire 1999 broadcast in New York from Master Kirti Tsenschab Rinpoche.

The wisdom of the Buddha Kurukulle powerfully overcomes the common attachment, as well as hindrances for us, which have arisen from the lack of knowledge and understanding of our human condition and situation.

Initiation into the great Prajnaparamita Mandala with 59 deities

The golden mother Prajanaparamita embodies the entire teaching and wisdom of Buddha. The essence of the perfection of wisdom is an understanding that has directly realized emptiness and connected it with the kind and compassionate bodhicitta. In the second rotation of the wheel, Buddha Shakyamuni taught the teachings of Prajnaparamita and explained the highest Middle Way, the path of profound wisdom on Vulture Hill.

The entry into this large mandala of 59 deities can be taken as a blessing to get a unique connection with this practice. For Chod practitioners it is a massgelbliche experience which brings much support in practice – Rinpoche advises us to include the Prajnaparamita mantra into our daily practice.

We hope to be able to offer a visualization and mantra retreat for this practice in the future.