Path to Happiness

Recognize Buddha-nature through the combination of method and compassion

In this multi-day course, Zong Rinpoche will explain the principles of method and wisdom and how to build an everyday practice according to Buddhist philosophy and psychology. As an important element, Rinpoche will show how one can develop positive motivation for fellow human beings and the living beings around us and practice compassion with simple meditation exercises. Applied compassion in everyday life enables empathetic understanding of others and can be de-escalating in conflict situations.

Using concrete examples, Zong Rinpoche will explain the basis of the Buddhist mentality of bodhichitta. Bodhichitta is the deeply felt desire to liberate all living things from suffering and problems, and to put them in a state of lasting happiness. This desire arises from the method of loving kindness and compassion and can be put into action thanks to wisdom, so that the goal of bodhicitta can be achieved without prejudice and unconditionally.

The course is open to interested people of all denominations and requires no prior knowledge.