Yoga, Meditation – Silence – open wether this course can take place

Mountain retreat

Katharina Bogner appreciates Ganden as a retreat at the beginning of winter. The atmosphere at this place is unique and very suitable to leave everyday life behind for a few days and immerse yourself in the simplicity of the mountains. So the days will take the rhythm of meditation, asana (positions) & breath. Silence will also have its place and make room. How nice when you don’t need a lot of planning and can just let yourself go. All practices are guided and discussed. You can spend the weekend completely or in silence. For the first time this year there is the possibility to extend two days and dive deeper.

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Vipassana means to experience reality as it appears from moment to moment and to be in peace with it. We cultivate this friendly and wise inner attitude by being as continually as possible in mindful contact with all our experiences. In doing so, we explore inhibitory, conditioned patterns of perception, thought and action and thus tap our potential for inner freedom, compassion and insight.

It is an experience of reality that is less coloured by habits, fears and illusions but in harmony with change and the miracle of “being alive”. We learn that accepting and letting go of difficult states of heart and mind is really possible.

The focus is on the exercise of continuous awareness in all activities. The course includes daily instructions, sitting and walking meditation periods, evening lectures, group or one-on-one interviews with the course instructor. Apart from that, the course takes place in complete silence.

Beginning and experienced participants are equally welcome.