Tara Cittamani – Introduction in Practice and Meditation – delayed to 2022

Extraordinary instructions to practice the green, female Buddha Tara Cittamani with 21 Taras

The transmission, as well as the instructions of this rare and extraordinary Tara meditation practice comes from the Gelugpa lineage and is based on the verbal instructions of Tara herself to the great master Gargyi Sangpo Taghpu Dorje Chang. Through her profoundity she is a precious jewel for all Tara friends. The 6th Lodrö Rinpoche is closely associated with this line.

Citta (Sanskrit) indicates heart, reason, thought, mind, empirical consciousness, intention

Mani (Sanskrit) means jewel, magnet, pearl, jewel or gemstone

Lodrö Rinpoche already gave a commentary on the practice in 2013 – which is unforgettable. We are very pleased that Rinpoche has agreed to speak again about this particular practice.




Initiation of the orange 20. Tara according to Master Atisha – Lifestream

Homage to you, Tara, whose two eyes

shine as bright as sun and full moon

by uttering HARA HARA and TUTTARE

You dispel all violent epidemic disease.

Praise to the 20th tare from the 21st tare praise

We are pleased to inform you that Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche, by request, will grant the initiation of the 20th Tara after Master Atisha on the upcoming full moon, i.e. on Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 6 pm Swiss time. The initiation is from Kriyatantra and is accessible to anyone interested (please refrain from eating meat and eggs on Thursday if possible). Only live / simultaneous streaming is available – the initiation will not remain available on the webpage.

The 20th Tara was traditionally practiced in Tibet as a method to protect yourself and others from pandemics and diseases. Of course only high realized beings were able to fulfill this very high standard of being able to completely healing of themselves and others. The practice can, however, help us commoners to target and deepen our mantra and meditation practice.

Great Mandala of the 21 Taras according to master Surjagupta with the red Tara

Initiation, commentary and exercises for the practise

The venerable Lodrö Rinpoche will first give the inauguration of the goddess Utschma according to Kriya Tantra on Friday evening. This practice is very powerful and is practiced to quickly remove energetic impurities in everyday life.

On Saturday/Sunday Lodrö Rinpoche will give the preparatory and main initiation into the large mandala to the practice of the 21 Taras according to Master Surjagupta (Sanskrit: Hidden Sun). This great practice with the red brave Tara in the center is very rarely to be received.

The authorization comes from Anuttarayoga Tantra and therefore attendees have an obligation to practice.

For us, this obligation includes: never forget the practice of the Arya Tara, recite the Tara Mantra, practice daily in 6 sessions and practice a short tara practice/visualization exercise with your own light body or the 21 tara. The practice is relatively easy to learn and is a source of energy and concentration.

The Venerable Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche will make daily comments on the profound practice of the 21 Taras according to Master Surjagupta. During one week we get an insight into the visualization and meditation techniques of this line of transmission. The course ends with a matching Four Tara Mandala Puja according to Master Surjagupta with 21 Taras.

The group learns the visualization exercises based on the ancient texts and practices them daily, similar to practitioners in Tibet and other Himalayan countries practiced centuries ago. Claudia Webinger and Natascha Keller Gassmann will introduce the group to the exercises of the Sadhana of the 21 Taras. At the end of the retreat each participant should be able to practice the Tara practice/sadhana, as well as torma and tsugar practice independently.

Beginners please contact Lama Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche:

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