The crown of Buddha – Ushnishavijaja online

Female Buddha of Wisdom and Longevity : 

Initiation, commentary, mantra retreat, concluding with a fire puja.

Buddha Shakyamuni taught the Dhahrani of the white, female Buddha Ushnishavijaya directly by the power of his ushnisha/elevation on his crown. The ushnisha can replace the voice of the Buddha. When the Buddha communicates through this organ, it is not easy for us human beings to understand or even perceive this information. Veils of ignorance can obscure his voice. This method of communication is available to the Buddha in order to save living beings from the ocean of samsara. The profound wisdom, the understanding of emptiness, is in the foreground of this practice, in order to lift the veils of ignorance and become receptive to this form of communication.

In Tibet, the practice was widespread as a practice in longevity. Many realised masters bore witness to this effect.

The new stupa on the grounds of Ganden Chokhor is specially dedicated to the female Buddha Ushnishavijaya.

During this online teaching, a group will also practice in the temple of Ganden Chokhor with live streaming on a large screen.


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