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Poonam Stecher Sharma

Yoga was most natural thing to happen for Poonam. She was born and brought up in a family of Yoga teachers. After she finished her Masters in Sociology, Poona enrolled in a four month residential certificate course at the world’s first Yoga University, Bihar Yoga Bharati (Bihar School of Yoga), followed by a one-year residential postgraduate Diploma in Yogic Studies.
Poonam is following a Yoga tradition that combines ancient wisdom and modern science. Since 2001, she has been teaching Yoga professionally in India and Switzerland. In 2011, together with Thomas Stecher, Poonam founded Sanapurna, Center for Yoga & Naturopathy Medicine in Zurich.
For over a decade now, Poonam has taught Yoga to senior to junior professionals in different UN organizations, some corporates like P&G, and the students and teachers at Webster University. Poonam was the Yoga advisor for the Hollywood film “Eat Pray Love” with Julia Roberts. Recently, she has been involved as a Yoga teacher in the Solar Impulse project. Poonam has also been featured in many Yoga programs on Indian television.
Poonam brings a calm clarity to her Yoga classes. With her gentle coaching, she heightens an inner awareness to listen to oneself. She understands the needs of the students and is able to encourage a person to go to the highest level of his or her ability, often far beyond expectation. She helps the students to connect positively with their body, spirituality and the world.


Poonam teaches her classes in English.
What inspires Poonam: “I am inspired by the people in my class and Yoga itself because it helps us discover the wonders that everyone carries within themselves.”