House rules

Participation in the house (Karmayoga)

All course participants help with the work in the house for about one hour a day. Karmayoga practice is common in Buddhist centers and is a way to engage with the group and practice mindfulness in everyday life.

It is recommended to bring along for retreats:

Comfortable clothes, slippers, possibly a light meditation blanket (available at the shop).

For retreats and courses: Mala, vajra and bell, damaru, possibly own seat cushion (in the temple there are seat cushions available), possibly own mat.

For chod retreats additionally: chod drum, damaru, possibly trumpet, chod hat, rucksack/chod bag, blue stone bag (most items are available in the shop).

Please note:

We ask everyone to treat each other with respect and support each other. The ethical principles of Buddhism apply in the house: respect for all living beings, respect for the possession of others, mindful speech, abstinence (alcohol, sexual intercourse) during retreats.

There is a general smoking ban in the house

Incense sticks and candles must not be lit in the rooms, as there is a risk of fire and there are sensitive fire alarms throughout the house.

Except for special exceptions, there is a night’s rest in the house after 22.00 to 7.00 o’ clock.

It is possible to practice with a bell and drum in the temple, in the rooms only quiet meditation is possible.