Dharma shop at Ganden Chökhor

Welcome in our dharma shop! The shop is available for the guests of the centre and can visited during our courses.


Books and recordings

We sell Tibetan Buddhist writings as well as audio and video recordings of Lama Lodrö Rinpoche published in German by Bhikshu Mati. The proceeds of these works are entirely donated to the Bhikshu-Mati Foundation. They are rare practice texts translated from Tibetan and commentaries on retreats and rituals as well as CDs and DVDs for the Chod practice.

The texts of Lodrö Tulku Rinopche can be ordered here online.

Ritual objects
Tibetan Buddhist traditional ritual objects such as Damarus, Vajras bells, Malas, statues and Thankas are available. At the moment only books can be sent.

The initiations and commentaries on the meditation deities allow us to practice the different deities. In addition, we carry a large number of Thankas and figures.

Many nice things
We have bought a lot of nice things for you in Kathmandu! Buddha figures, Thankas, chod drums, jewelry for the Tormas, and fabrics selected for bags and book cases.

The purpose of the shop is to preserve and spread the Tibetan-Buddhist tradition, religion and culture, the proceeds will be donated to the association Ganden Chökhor.

We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit.

Christine Gasser

Please send special orders directly by mail to Christine Gasser:

*The high shipping costs are due to high postal fees of the swiss post.