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Ven. Lodro Tulku RInpoche

Chod Wensa Tradition – online course

Friday 21. April 2023, 19:00 Uhr - Saturday 29. April 2023, 11:30 Uhr; 8 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch

The Wensa Chöd practice comes from the collection of Manjushri and is a very hidden practice of Lama Tsongkhapa. It was transferred by Lama Tsongkhapa with a few masters in between to the great master Gyelwa Ensapa Losang Döndrup, the 1st Panchen Rinpoche, and is called Wensa Chöd.

Chöd is a unique holistic training system within Tibetan Buddhism that simultaneously trains body, speech and mind through meditation, visualization, sound and rhythm. Chöd means cutting off selfish habitual thinking and behavior so that the natural openness, clarity and sensitivity of our mind can manifest.

The great teachings of the Chöd goes back directly to Buddha Shakyamuni and is based on the Buddhist philosophy of the Middle Way, the Lam Rim / graduated path to enlightenment, Mahamudra or Dzogchen.

Lodrö Rinpoche is giving explanations of the practice in the morning and in the afternoon the participants learn / practice the drumming of the old melodies of the text visualization. In the evening the group practices Chöd together with Rinpoche.

In Tibet advanced Chöd practitioners were able to heal mental and physical illnesses and even fight epidemics.

In the meditation center of Ganden Chökhor under the direction of Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche is a multi-year training course offered on different transmission lineages of the Chöd (Wensa, Shiwa Lamsab, Gyälthang and Tsogle Chöd).

Newly interested persons and beginners should please contact Lodrö Rinpoche at dharma@ganden.ch.


Program (Swiss time)

21. 4.2023 Friday Evening Initiation Heruka Chakrasamvara Sahaja 7.30 – 8.45 pm


22. 4. 2023 Saturday

Chöd Heaven-opening Initiation 09.30 – 11.00 am

Chöd Practice Introduction – Chanting and Drumming Technique* 4 – 4.45 pm english (recordings can be viewed throughout the week)


23. – 28. April 2023 Sunday – Friday

(25. April 2023 Tuesday whole day free)

Introductory Wensa Chöd Commentary with Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche 6.45 – 8.15 am (recordings can be viewed throughout the week)

Chöd Practice Introduction – Chanting and Drumming Technique with Natascha :  2.30 – 3.30 pm     (recordings can be viewed throughout the week)

Chöd singing with Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche 7.30 – 8.30 pm (recordings can be viewed throughout the week)


29. 4. 2023 Saturday

Final initiation with Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche 9.30 – 11.30 am



Registration closes on: April 7th 2023

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Association membership
You are not registered as a member of the association on your website. Become a member to support us and recieve a reduction on your contribution to the streaming costs. Or contact us at stream@ganden.ch if you already are a member (Streaming contribution regular: CHF 330, contribution as a member of our association: CHF 275).

COVID-19 pandemic
The association Ganden Chökhor is facing an existential challenge due to the loss of overnight income during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, many members of the Sangha are also facing great financial problems. People who cannot afford the full course fee due to the COVID-19 pandemic can contact corona@ganden.ch before course registration. A reduction of the course fee including Dana of 50% of the full price can be arranged. (CHF 165 for the current course)

Event sponsoring
Better situated participants now have the opportunity to support the event as event sponsors. The Ganden Chökhor Association would like to thank all sponsors and helpers who make it possible for us to continue to run the center and to have digital access to Lodro Rinpoche's teachings in these difficult times! Further information...

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21. April 2023, 19:00
29. April 2023, 11:30
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