Ehrw. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche Schiwa Lamsab Chod Retreat Friday 14.6. – 23.6.2019

Ven. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche

Schiwa Lamsab Chod Retreat – Initiation, commentary and practice instructions

Friday 14. June 2019, 6 pm – Sunday 23. June 2019, 2 pm; 9 days
Course language: English , Translation to: Deutsch

Initiation of Heruka Chakrasamvara Sahaja and “Heaven opening initiation” of the Chod practice according to the Schiwa Lamsab tradition.

The tradition of Schiwa Lamsab/Oral Tradition of Dakini dates back to the 13th century and to Master Jamyang Gonpo, a disciple of Machig Labdrön’s son Gyälwa Thondrup.

Jamyang Gonpo himself has seen Machig Labdrön in visions several times. This lineage became a union of different masters like him, the son, as well as the grandson of Machig Labdrön and further pioneers of the Chod practice at that time.

The Venerable Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche is one of the few, if not the only, teachers worldwide to pass this lineage on. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama himself said that this lineage should be practiced and blossom again as it once did. Rinpoche explains the practice in the morning and in the afternoon the participants learn/practice the drumming and the old melodies of text visualization.

In the evening, the group practices this chod practice together with Lodrö Rinpoche.

Chod is a unique holistic practice system within Tibetan Buddhism, which uses meditation, visualization, sound and rhythm to train body, speech and mind simultaneously. Chod means “cutting off” the selfish, habitual thinking and behavior so that the natural openness, clarity and sensitivity of our mind can manifest itself. In Tibet, advanced chod practitioners have been able to support, heal and even fight epidemics of mental and physical illnesses. Under the direction of Lama Lodrö Rinpoche, the Ganden Chökhor Meditation Centre offers a multi-year training course on the transmission lines of Chod (Wensa, Schiwa Lamsab, Gyälthang and Tsogle).

(Beginners please contact Lama Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche:

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S. E. Loden Sherab Dagyab Kyabgön Rinpoche Ascent course Vajrayana 29.5. – 2.6.2019

Ascent course Vajrayana

S. E. Loden Sherab Dagyab Kyabgön Rinpoche

Wednesday 29. May 2019, 6 pm – Sunday 2. June 2019, 2 pm; 4 days
Course language: Deutsch , Translation to: English

The course of H. E. Kyabgon Dagyab Rinpoche is being redesigned for current health reasons.

H. E. Kyabgon Dagyab Rinpoche has to undergo various ocular surgeries at short notice and is therefore unable to carry out the planned inaugurations of the second part of the Bari Lotsawa collection at the end of May 2019.

We hope to continue the second part of the transfer cycle with Dagyab Rinpoche soon.

At the request of Dagyab Rinpoche and Lodrö Rinpoche, we will offer an alternative program dedicated to the health and long life of Dagyab Rinpoche. Lodrö Rinpoche will be giving the great Ushnishavijaya initiation from the Mitrayoki collection, with the possibility that we all will be able to practice this long life practice for Dagyab Rinpoche together.

Lodrö Rinpoche has suggested that Shenphen Rinpoche could also participate in the Alternative Program. Fortunately, Shenphen Rinpoche has already pledged to offer lectures on two mornings of Lam Rim. We are grateful to Lodrö Rinpoche and Shenphen Rinpoche for providing us with such a profound program in the short term.

Being able to dedicate the accumulated earnings to the health of Dagyab Rinpoche, given the current situation, is the best we can do at the moment.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Your Ganden Chökhor team

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